Lady Elizabeth

A brand new and stunning addition to our fleet, welcome Lady Elizabeth.  She is a 12 seater European Sloep boat, kitted with an awesome sound system and plush upholstery for comfortable seating.  Let’s raise a glass to the extraordinary moments on the Vaal River! An unforgettable champagne cruiser experience.  Glide along the Vaal’s tranquil waters, soak in the golden hues of the sunset and celebrate life’s special occasions.

She is charged a flat rate of R2200 per hour for 2-12 guests.
Drinks and snacks arranged separately (we would highly recommend the sushi & champs combo)
Book on any day of the week (that is available)
She is weather permitting.  In case of rain if we are unable to change your cruise time/date your deposit is refundable.

Lady Elizabeth Gallery

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