Liquid Lounge Function boat

Our Minimum rate required is between 40-50 guests (depends on the season).  Our maximum carrying capacity is 120 guests.  If you book and pay the minimum rate you will have the boat exclusively for your group.

We have various menu options ranging from platters – finger fork – braai – buffet. Unfortunately you are not able to self-cater.

We charge a per person rate on the boat hire, but if you are below the minimum number of guests (being 40-50 guests) you will be charged a flat rate for the boat hire.

Unfortunately you are not able to bring your own beverages on board, we are a licenced premises and you have to make use of our bar facilities.

Yes, if you book a private function taking note of our minimum rates you will have the boat exclusively for your group.  You can book a private party / function on any day or night of the week.  You choose your duration, time and menu.

We do have a snazzy set up of the boat (and tables), but if you would like to arrange additional décor you are welcome to bring your own, or we can put you in touch with some local décor companies.  Regarding entertainment, we can also arrange this for you, or you can arrange your own.  If you plan to bring your own entertainer/DJ they will need to provide their own music equipment.

No, our public cruises only take place on a Sunday for lunch.  Any other day Monday – Saturday we host private functions.

Unfortunately not, we are essentially a private function; the only public cruises we offer take place on a Sunday, and on certain public holidays (which will be mentioned under the ‘Public Cruise’ section of our website.

Liquid Living Houseboat

We require group bookings of 8-10 guests.  Liquid Living is not suitable for 1 couple.

She is moored at the Emerald resort & Casino in Vanderbijlpark.

Yes you are welcome to fish from the boat; you will just need to bring your own fishing gear as we do not provide this.

Yes, this is possible with a maximum carrying capacity of 20 guests.

We don’t recommend small children, as there are no facilities on board to keep them entertained; however the boat is moored at the Emerald resort, which is very child friendly. During your stay you will have full access to resort facilities.

Yes, everything you need to prepare and eat your meals is on board. We also provide all glassware for your drinks.

Yes, during the allocated cruise times we do provide the skipper.

Unfortunately, not, most general skipper’s licences do not include an endorsement from SAMSA that will allow you to operate a vessel bigger than 9m. Even if you have this endorsement every vessel operates differently.

Yes, there are hourly rates charged over and above the allocated cruise times included in the accommodation packages.

Prive & Fluxman Houseboats

No, these houseboats are permanently moored houseboats.

Yes you are welcome to fish from the boat. You would just need to bring your own fishing gear as we do not provide this.

Moored at the Emerald resort & Casino, you will have full access to resort facilities (outdoor activities, restaurants and of course the casino.

We do not recommend having children on board as there are no activities / facilities to keep them entertained. However having access to the resort facilities could keep them busy during the days.