Ferry Boat Manufacturers in South Africa

We have been chartering boats full time since 2003.  We have been manufacturing boats a lot longer.  Through our expertise on both fronts (manufacturing and chartering) we can offer you valued advice on streamlined systems and suitable layouts.  Thus making us one of the best ferry boat manufacturers in South Africa, particularly for inland chartering ferry boats.

We adhere to all strict SAMSA regulations during the design, implementation and manufacturing processes in order to bring our clients the best possible product.

As well as being a professional Ferry boat manufacturer in South Africa, we have adapted our individual technique into the manufacturing of various types of boats

Vaal river cruises

Our ferry boat manufacturing services in South Africa can include the following boats

Houseboats – Designed for water-living, this type of boat is fitted with all the amenities and comfort of home. It can be custom-designed to suit your needs.

Tender / Deck Boats – Large open deck with single or dual motor rigging.  Most suitable for leisure cruising for up to 12 guests, or water sport activities.

Pontoon / Party Boats – Single or double deck boat with large open spaces to cater for events, which would include buffet style set up, bar facility and ablutions.

Cabin Boats – you can consider a cabin boat like a floating caravan.  Suitable for a family of 4 and easily trailer-able for those mini waterborne vacations.

Barge Boats – With its design focused on simplicity, it will be perfect for that weekend fishing trip with your friends. A slow and relaxed leisure cruise down calm waters

As the original design of the Ferry is that of a very wide deck, although this main characteristic is the backbone of the design, our ferries are altered with comfort and event chartering in mind.

View some of our unique and beautiful designs

Pontoon Ferries

Tender/Cabin Boats

Cruising Houseboats

Authentic Houseboat

We are seen as one of the best ferry boat manufacturer in South Africa due to our passion for detail, high quality craftsmanship and competitive rates. Phone us today at (016) 982-3411 for more information on our full range of boats and customized cruisers which are showcased along the banks of the world famous Vaal River.  Or check out our dedicated manufacturing web page at the link below

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