Party Boat Manufacturers in South Africa

With over 25 years of experience within the boating industry, we have become known as one of the best party boat manufacturers in South Africa. We specialize in the manufacture of many types of boats, each for its own purpose.  A party boat being one of the most popular designs

The party boat is designed to be a multi-functional boat and much attention to detail goes into the manufacturing process. Its basic design consists of both an outdoor and indoor area, thus maximising scenic views of the water way you plan to launch her.

The outdoor area of the party boat would ideally consists of a large deck that goes right around or on a separate top level on the boat. Some luxury party boats have been fitted with canvas sunroof or fiberglass roofs – for an outdoor experience in any type of weather. Deck chairs, loungers, comfortable couches and tables are set out so that guests can sit and enjoy a cocktail at sundown.

The indoor area of the party boat consists of a large room with wall-to-wall windows for a beautiful 360 degree water view. The indoors area is fitted with a kitchenette, catering service area and bathroom/s.  A hi-fi system, bar facilities, dining area will be found indoors as well.

Party boats in South Africa are usually used for the following functions:

  • Birthday parties.
  • Anniversary celebrations.
  • Baby showers.
  • Corporate meetings and/or year-end functions.
  • High school reunions.
  • Weddings.
  • Any family get-together.

As there are various and unlimited options when it comes designs and furnishes, your first thing to consider is what kind of parties you would be looking to host.  Are you looking to just tender guests for an hour or two along a water way purely for scenic tours and bird watching opportunities, or are you wanting to host upmarket themed events?  When you have established what kind of parties you are looking to host this will determine the party boat you get manufactured.

We have a number of designs that be viewed at our Marina in Vanderbijlpark.  Come and meet with the team and check out our manufactured party boats.  You will be really impressed with the quality craftsmanship and longevity of our boats.


Send us a mail inquiry to or contact Chase telephonically on 082 523 1999

You can view our dedicated (Shelter Marine) party boat manufacturing website at the link below


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