Teambuilding ideas in Gauteng

When yearend is approaching, you would need to think of a way to thank your staff for a year’s hard work. But as there are many different teambuilding ideas in Gauteng, it will be best to summon the knowledge of a teambuilding company in your area.

You would be surprised that there are many other teambuilding ideas in Gauteng than you thought or than you had done before. Your thought may be stuck with the normal ideas like archery, volleyball or a nice dinner but have you ever given thought to water activities? An activity where water is involved has actually become one of the most popular teambuilding ideas in Gauteng during the last years. This is because water adds a different element of fun to any game played as it reminds you of childhood swimming pool memories.

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A person’s everyday environment involves being dry and neat with hair and makeup done and looking smart – especially in the work environment. What better way than to get all the staff to let their hair down (literally) and have some fun in and around water with some teambuilding ideas in Gauteng.

There are many different water-filled teambuilding ideas in Gauteng with each one having its own unique style of fun and relaxation. And besides, while out of the water, one could always catch a bit of a tan. Please just also be aware that water always has a possibility of danger and while your staff is enjoying themselves, make sure that they don’t consume too much alcohol. Here are some examples of games that one can play along the water with some of them being listed below:

  • One of the very important and also fun water teambuilding ideas in Gauteng is to have a lifeguard give the group a lesson in water rescue and first aid. They will be divided into many groups of two where one will pretend to drown and the other trying their hand at rescue. As one learns better in practice, the lifeguard will give them lessons while they are in the water.
  • Water volleyball has always been one of the most popular water teambuilding ideas in Gauteng as it is fun-filled, fast and required concentration and teamwork. You could divide the two groups into women and men and get two of the “big bosses” to each be on opposing sides. This will make staff feel important and also make them see that the CEO’s are also human.
  • A canoe race is also one of the best water teambuilding ideas in Gauteng, as there are many river front areas where the water is calm and deep. Again the staff can be divided into two groups and race against time. The winner will be treated to a nice relaxing massage as their muscles would be positively aching!
  • The best of all the teambuilding ideas in Gauteng will be to, when all the activities are over, bring all your staff along and have cocktails served at sundown on a luxury boat trip along the Vaal River.

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