Vaal Boat Cruise Prices

Enjoy a spectacular day out on the river with Liquid Lounge. A river boat cruise doesn’t have to break the bank – Liquid Lounge offers cost-effective Vaal boat cruise prices for Sunday lunch cruises and other events.

A Vaal boat cruise is the perfect outing for some quality family time, or fun with your friends. Liquid Lounge offers affordable Vaal River boat cruise prices, ensuring your weekend fun fits into your budget. See our updated Sunday Lunch Buffet and Cruise prices, and book your table with us! Contact Liquid Lounge today to make your Vaal River boat cruise booking.

Sunday Lunch Buffet and Cruise

Here’s what’s included in our Sunday Lunch Buffet and Cruise events:

  • 2 Hour cruise
  • Delicious Buffet Spread with a selection of dishes
  • Live Entertainment or Wine Tasting (depending on your cruise selection).

The meals are freshly prepared by our experienced team of chefs and will exceed your expectations in terms of taste and variety. The cash bar (with card facilities) on deck is fully stocked with a variety of refreshments to meet every need. Our team will ensure that you have everything you need for an enjoyable day. Liquid Lounge departs from the Emerald Resort and Casino, which offers an array of activities to enjoy.

Our Vaal boat cruise prices definitely offer value for money, and we guarantee a memorable day out on the river.

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About Liquid Lounge

Liquid Lounge is a luxurious river cruise boat, that cruises down a calm and navigable stretch of the beautiful Vaal River. This provides the perfect opportunity for guests to enjoy a fun and relaxing day out with their loved-one’s.

The lower indoor deck will provide a cosy dining experience, while you can enjoy some fresh air and cocktails on the upper sundeck – complete with lounge chairs and cocktail tables. Enjoy the spectacular Vaal River scenery while cruising down the Vaal river.

The Liquid Lounge can also be booked for private parties, Weddings and Corporate events, offering you a unique and memorable venue for your event.


Book your spot aboard Liquid Lounge

Now that you’ve seen our Vaal boat cruise prices, book your spot aboard our River Cruise Boat today. The Liquid Lounge is a popular facility for Sunday outings during the Summer months, and is easily accessible for guests from the Vaal Triangle area and surrounding Gauteng region.

We hope to see you on board soon!

Make a booking online to cruise on the Vaal River aboard one of our luxurious river cruisers

Why book a cruise on the Vaal River?

The Vaal River is a major river in South Africa that is known for its beauty and recreational opportunities. There are many reasons why someone might choose to go on a Vaal Boat Cruise. Some of the most common reasons include:

  • The Scenery: River cruises often travel through picturesque landscapes, and the Vaal River is certainly one of the most beautiful scenes in Gauteng you can enjoy. The Vaal River runs through a variety of landscapes, including rolling hills, grasslands, and wetlands, which can make for picturesque views. The Vaal River is home to a wide variety of bird species, making it a popular destination for bird watching.
  • Convenience: River cruises offer an all-inclusive experience, with meals and activities typically included in the cost of the trip, depending on the package you decide on.
  • Smaller ships: River cruise ships are much smaller than ocean-going ships, which can create a more intimate atmosphere and allow for more personalized service.
  • Cultural experiences: River cruises often include opportunities to experience local culture, such as visiting historic sites and participating in local customs and traditions. What better way than to celebrate our beautiful heritage. The Vaal River holds cultural significance for many of the local communities, who have lived in the area for generations and have a deep connection to the river.
  • Less seasickness: Because river cruise ships are traveling on calm water, passengers are less likely to experience seasickness.


What is the best time to go on a Vaal River Cruise

The best time to go on a river cruise depends on the specific destination and the type of experience you are looking for. Some general considerations to keep in mind when choosing the time to go on a river cruise include:

  • Weather: Some destinations are more pleasant to visit during certain seasons. For example, a river cruise on the Vaal River during the summer may be ideal for those who want to enjoy warm weather and longer days, while a cruise during the fall may be better for those who want to experience the colorful foliage.
  • Crowds: Some cruises can be crowded during peak tourist seasons, which can make it more difficult to enjoy the sights and experiences. We make sure that every cruise we engage is not overbooked, ensuring that you have the best experience possible! That is why it is so important to book your spot early and avoid disappointment.
  • River conditions: Some rivers may have high or low water levels, which can affect the navigation and excursions. Liquid Lounge prides ourselves in always setting our client’s safety first. Should the river condition ever be problematic, we will notify you in advance.

The best time to go on a river cruise depends on your personal preferences, budget, and the specific destination. It’s always a good idea to do your research and to consult with a travel agent to help you choose the best time for you.

Can anyone go on a river cruise?

River cruises are open to all individuals who are able to travel and meet the requirements of the cruise line. The specific requirements for each cruise line may vary, but generally, anyone can go on a river cruise as long as they:

  • Meet the minimum age requirement
  • Meet any health or mobility requirements, such as being able to navigate the ship’s stairs and embark/disembark the ship independently
  • It is also worth noting that some river cruises may cater to specific interests or demographics, such as history buffs, foodies, or retirees. Additionally, many river cruises are geared towards adults, and may not offer programming or amenities for children.

In short, anyone can go on a river cruise as long as they meet the requirements set by the cruise line. It’s always best to check the cruise line’s website or speak to a travel agent for more information.


Having your Party on the Liquid Lounge? Some things to think about

Having a party on a river boat can be a fun and unique way to celebrate, but there are a few things to consider before planning your event.

  • Capacity: River boats vary in size and capacity, so it’s important to check with the boat operator to ensure that the boat you choose can accommodate your party’s guest list.
  • Weather: River boats are typically open-air, and the weather can have a big impact on the comfort of your guests. Consider the time of year and the forecasted weather when planning your party.
  • Noise: River boats can be close to residential areas and other boats, so be mindful of the noise levels and consider the impact on the surrounding community.
  • Cost: River boat parties can be a unique and fun experience and is certainly a step above hosting a party on land. Make sure you have a budget in mind and compare the cost with other alternatives before making a decision.

Overall, having a party on a river boat can be a great experience, but it’s important to consider these factors and plan accordingly. If you have any doubts, get in touch with us to ensure that your event runs smoothly.

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