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If you are looking for a luxurious and unique conference venue in Vanderbijlpark or the Vaal Triangle, Liquid Lounge is the venue for you. Removed from the hustle and bustle of the town, your delegates will enjoy a relaxing and memorable conference event at this conference venue in Vanderbijlpark.

The Liquid Lounge is a luxurious river cruiser, doubling as a function and conference venue. You and your delegates will be treated to a memorable conference event aboard this luxury river cruise boat, while cruising down a calm stretch of the Vaal River. For more information about this conference venue in the Vaal, contact the Liquid Lounge today! We guarantee that you will enjoy your conference or corporate function with us!

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Companies across Gauteng travel to the Vaal to host their conferences aboard our river cruise boat. Our venue offers all the facilities you would expect from a reputable conference venue, and we trust that your delegates will have everything they need aboard the Liquid Lounge. Different menus and packages available ensure that you will find a conferencing package that suits your requirements and your budget. Our seating arrangements can accommodate up to 120 guests in our venue, and include the following facilities:

  • Cash bar
  • Buffet station
  • Dance floor
  • Sound system
  • Upper and lower decks
  • Bathrooms

The team at Liquid Lounge will ensure that everything is in order for your conference event. Our experienced function coordinators will ensure that you and all the delegates have everything they need during the conference to enjoy a comfortable conferencing experience.

Liquid Lounge truly offers a unique and memorable experience, and is ideal fro any company or corporate event. Whether you are looking for a conferencing venue that offers a little extra than just a venue, or are searching for something special for your company’s year-end function or other social event – Liquid Lounge is the venue for you!

5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Conference Venue in Vanderbijlpark

If you have to find the perfect conference venue in Vanderbijlpark for your next conference or corporate meeting, here are a few tips and things you should consider to ensure you get the perfect venue for you needs:

  • Set your budget – The price of the venue is one of the most important factors when choosing a conference venue in Vanderbijlpark. Liquid Lounge offer conference packages at affordable prices, and provide excellent value for money with our unique product offering. Get a competitive quote today for your next conference or corporate function aboard this river cruise boat.
  • Size of the venue – Decide on the size of the venue that is required, as well as the table setup needs. Liquid Lounge can seat 120 guests comfortably, and offer different setup styles to choose from, depending on your event
  • Catering – Your conference probably needs to include catering and refreshments, and Liquid Lounge will meet your every need. Choose from a number of menus and dishes available, from Buffet menus to cocktail and canapé style catering.
  • Technology – Liquid Lounge offers all the audio and visual equipment that you will require at your conference venue in Vanderbijlpark. This includes 4 TV’s for presentations, a sound system and Wifi connectivity. Discuss any other requirements you may have with our function coordinators at Liquid Lounge.
  • Unique offerings – Treat your delegates to a memorable conferencing event aboard Liquid Lounge. Our unique product offering makes Liquid Lounge a preferred choice of conference venues in Vanderbijlpark.

Secure your conference venue

Arrange a site visit to our beautiful venue so that you can make your decision. See our beautiful and unique conference venue on the Vaal River for yourself, and take a look at all o Liquid Lounge’s facilities and spaces. Discuss your event needs with one of our experienced function coordinators, to ensure we can provide you with all the facilities, equipments and other requirements you may have. Once you have decided that Liquid Lounge is the conference venue for you, take the next step and secure the date you require!

Contact the best conference venue in Vanderbijlpark to book your conference

If you’re considering the Liquid Lounge for your next conference, contact us today to avoid disappointment. We advise you to book your conference in advance to ensure that you get that date you want – our conference venue is quite popular, especially during the warmer months. Visit our beautiful conference venue in Vanderbijlpark if you would like to come for a site visit. Contact us to make an appointment today.

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Location and area – Beautiful setting for a beautiful conference venue

Our conference venue in Vanderbijlpark truly offers a unique and beautiful setting. The beauty of the natural surrounds of the Vaal River creates the perfect relaxed atmosphere for your conference events. Take your delegates away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and get their full attention by surrounding them a tranquil environment. The serenity of the natural environment in combination with the exciting real estate that can be seen on ‘Millionaire’s Bend’ will take your delegates on a memorable adventure.

Your delegates will look forward to attending you conference venue in Vanderbijlpark, as it will offer much more than a regular venue. Take your delegates on a trip down the calm stretch of the beautiful Vaal River aboard this river conference venue.

What aspects make for a good venue?

Choose a venue that ticks every box… The perfect conference venue is much more than just a budget-friendly venue with the right facilities. The Liquid Lounge is a conference venue that definitely boasts that X factor you are looking for. Liquid Lounge remains one of the most sought after floating venues in the Vaal, perfect for your corporate and other functions. No more boring conference venues – this conference venue in Vanderbijlpark is the one you’ve been looking for!

Accessible for guests from across Gauteng

Liquid Lounge is easily accessible for guest from across Gauteng, and is less than an hour’s drive from Johannesburg. Our beautiful river cruiser departs from Emerald Resort & Casino or the Riverside Sun in Vanderbijlpark, both providing ample stylish accommodation for delegates / guests who wish to stay overnight. There are a number of activities to be enjoyed at these venues, adding to the experience of your complete conference venue offering.

Get in touch with the professional team at Liquid Lounge today to secure your conference date with the ultimate conference venue in Gauteng.

conference venue in Vanderbijlpark
conference venue in Vanderbijlpark
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