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If you’re searching for venues in Vanderbijlpark, look no further. Make use of the spectacular Liquid Lounge for all your function needs in the Vaal Triangle. The Liquid Lounge offers the most unique venue in the Vaal, and is suitable for any type of function. Whether you’re looking for a venue for your wedding day, 50th Birthday celebration or corporate events, The Liquid Lounge is the perfect choice for you.

If you’re still deciding on venues in Vanderbijlpark for your function, why not visit Liquid Lounge to see what we can offer you. You will be delighted when stepping aboard this beautiful Vaal Triangle venue – our luxurious river cruiser. Find out below what makes the Liquid Lounge so special, and why you should book your next function with us!

The beautiful Liquid Lounge – Best of venues in Vanderbijlpark!

The most unique feature of the Liquid Lounge is the fact that you will be cruising down the beautiful Vaal River during your function. You and your guests will be treated to spectacular river views and natural scenery whilst enjoying deliciously prepared food and drinks.

The facilities aboard this venue in Vanderbijlpark will fit all your needs. Our professional and trained staff will see to it that you and your guests are attended to, ensuring our guests are happy and satisfied. The Liquid Lounge guarantees all you require and more, making us the best choice of venues in Vanderbijlpark for you. Which type of functions will the Liquid Lounge host?

  • Weddings: Book the wedding venue of your dreams! The Liquid Lounge offers couples a unique wedding reception venue, making their special day a memorable one. Our professional staff will ensure your wedding runs smoothly. The Liquid Lounge is becoming a popular venue for weddings in the Vaal Triangle, as it truly offers a unique and beautiful setting for your big day. Read more about why you should book the Liquid Lounge as your wedding venue in Vanderbijlpark.
  • Parties: Book you next party aboard the Liquid Lounge – This venue is ideal for any party or birthday celebration, including 21st birthdays, wedding anniversaries, kitchen teas and more. Find out today if the Liquid Lounge is available for your party! Read more about this party venue in Vanderbijlpark.
  • Corporate functions and conferences: Employees will be thrilled to be treated to a day out on this beautiful river cruiser. This venue in the Vaal is ideal for year-end functions, social events and other corporate events. The Liquid Lounge is also suitable for small to medium sized conferences, and will be able to accommodate all your requirements. Read more about this corporate function venue in Vanderbijlpark.
  • Sunday lunch and entertainment events: In addition to hosting large social events, the Liquid Lounge also give opportunity for you to enjoy a great day out on the Vaal River with your family and friends. Read more about our river cruiser for special family occasions.

Book your function with the Liquid Lounge – Best Venue in Vanderbijlpark

Find out if your function date is available to book the Liquid Lounge to avoid disappointment. We guarantee that you will have a truly enjoyable and memorable experience aboard this luxurious river cruiser! Trust The Liquid Lounge as your venue of choice in Vanderbijlpark for the following reasons:

  • Coordination: Our professional staff will see to it that every detail is attended to during your function, ensuring that you are 100% satisfied with the venue you have chosen as well as the service received.
  • Catering: We offer a number of catering options to choose from, to ensure that you are happy with your dishes and catering prepared by our experienced chefs.
  • Facilities: All the facilities you would expect from a function venue is included when booking the Liquid Lounge. This includes different styles of setup options, upper sundeck and lower indoor venue, a dancefloor, cash bar, buffet setup, sound system and more.

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Make a booking online to cruise on the Vaal River aboard one of our luxurious river cruisers

venues in vanderbijlpark
venues in vanderbijlpark
venues in vanderbijlpark

Exclusive wedding venue in Vanderbijlpark

If you are looking for beautiful wedding venues in Vanderbijlpark for your big day, you will fall in love with our luxurious river cruiser. Liquid Lounge is the perfect venue for a romantic and memorable wedding celebration with your closest family and friends. Our river cruiser is spacious enough for your wedding party, and will serve for some great fun and entertainment.

Cruise down the majestic Vaal River on your special day… The beautiful surrounds will create a picturesque backdrop for a memorable wedding day. Sip on some bubbly and let a live band set the perfect mood. Our experienced team will take care of every detail of your wedding day, from the décor to the catering. Make an appointment to come and see our river wedding venue in Vanderbijlpark, so that you can visualise your wedding aboard our river cruiser. Liquid Lounge have hosted many beautiful and successful wedding celebrations – trust us to take care of your special day.

A party venue for every occasion!

Looking for party venues in Vanderbijlpark? Whether you are hosting a 21st, the big 40, or a 50th birthday party, Liquid Lounge is the party venue for you! Liquid Lounge offers a fun and exciting venue for you and your guests, who will be treated to a spectacular river cruise. If you have a party theme in mind, our function coordinators can assist! We have hosted many themed birthday parties, and will assist with your venue setup and décor to create the perfect space you have in mind. Choose from an array of menus, dishes and catering option – you can expect fresh, quality dishes that will exceed your expectations! Discuss your party venue needs with a professional function coordinator, and book your party venue hire with Liquid Lounge today!

Teambuilding venue in Vanderbijlpark

When it comes to teambuilding venues in Vanderbijlpark, Liquid Lounge is definitely something unique! Our river cruiser creates the perfect space for participants to relax and enjoy themselves. We have hosted many successful teambuilding events aboard our river cruise boat. Located in Vanderbijlpark and moored at the Emerald Resort and casino, we are easily accessible for guests and companies across the Vaal region, and greater Gauteng area. Enjoy an exhilarating drumming circle, fun games or just a relaxing social event for your company employees aboard Liquid Lounge.

Things to consider when choosing venues in Vanderbijlpark

Choosing the right venues in Vanderbijlpark for functions, parties, and corporate events requires careful consideration to ensure the success of the gathering. Vanderbijlpark, located in the Gauteng province of South Africa, offers a variety of venues, each with its unique features. To make an informed decision, it’s crucial to take into account several important factors.

  • Size of the Venue: First and foremost, consider the type and size of the event. Different occasions demand different settings, and the venue should align with the event’s purpose. Vanderbijlpark boasts a range of options, from intimate spaces suitable for private parties to expansive venues perfect for large corporate gatherings. Understanding the nature of the event will help narrow down the choices and create an atmosphere conducive to the occasion. Depending on your specific needs, Liquid Lounge can seat up to 120 guests, with the lower deck accommodating seating arrangements for 100 guests.
  • Accessibility of the venue: Accessibility is another key factor to consider when looking at venues in Vanderbijlpark. Ensure that the venue is easily reachable for attendees, whether they are coming from within Vanderbijlpark or outside the city. Proximity to major roads, public transportation, and parking facilities are essential considerations. A convenient location can significantly impact the attendance and overall experience of the guests. Liquid Lounge is easily accessible for guest from surrounding areas, offering them the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful river and scenery without travelling too far.
  • Venue amenities and facilities: The amenities and facilities offered by the venues in Vanderbijlpark play a crucial role in event planning. For corporate events, ensure that the venue is equipped with modern audio-visual technology, high-speed internet, and any other necessities for presentations or workshops. For parties and functions, consider amenities such as dance floors, catering services, and sufficient restroom facilities. A well-equipped venue not only enhances the event but also reduces the need for external arrangements.
  • Your venue budget: Budget constraints are a reality for most event planners. Evaluate the cost of the venue in relation to the budget allocated for the entire event. Be transparent about hidden fees or additional charges that may arise. Some venues offer package deals that include catering, decorations, and other services, providing a cost-effective solution for those planning functions or parties. Discuss your budget and needs with our friendly team. We offer various packages and options, making us a one-stop choice of venues in Vanderbijlpark.
  • The experience: The ambiance and aesthetics of the venue contribute significantly to the overall experience. Consider the style of the venue and how well it aligns with the theme or mood of the event when looking at venues in Vanderbijlpark. Whether it’s a sleek and modern corporate setting or a more relaxed atmosphere for a celebration, the venue’s ambiance sets the tone for the entire gathering.
  • Reviews and testimonials: Lastly, review the reputation of the venues in Vanderbijlpark you are interested in by seeking feedback from previous clients or reading online reviews. A venue with a positive track record is more likely to meet expectations and provide a seamless experience for your event.


Visit us at Liquid Lounge – Exquisite choice amongst venues in Vanderbijlpark

Choosing venues in Vanderbijlpark for functions, parties, and corporate events involves a thorough assessment of the event’s nature, accessibility, amenities, budget, ambiance, and the venue’s reputation. Taking these factors into account will help ensure a successful and memorable gathering in this vibrant South African city.

We invite you to come and visit our beautiful venue in Vanderbijlpark, to see why Liquid Lounge is the best choice for any event!

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Frequently Asked Questions about our venue in Vanderbijlpark

Liquid Lounge Function boat

Our Minimum rate required is between 40-50 guests (depends on the season).  Our maximum carrying capacity is 120 guests.  If you book and pay the minimum rate you will have the boat exclusively for your group.

We have various menu options ranging from platters – finger fork – braai – buffet. Unfortunately you are not able to self-cater.

We charge a per person rate on the boat hire, but if you are below the minimum number of guests (being 40-50 guests) you will be charged a flat rate for the boat hire.

Unfortunately you are not able to bring your own beverages on board, we are a licenced premises and you have to make use of our bar facilities.

Yes, if you book a private function taking note of our minimum rates you will have the boat exclusively for your group.  You can book a private party / function on any day or night of the week.  You choose your duration, time and menu.

We do have a snazzy set up of the boat (and tables), but if you would like to arrange additional décor you are welcome to bring your own, or we can put you in touch with some local décor companies.  Regarding entertainment, we can also arrange this for you, or you can arrange your own.  If you plan to bring your own entertainer/DJ they will need to provide their own music equipment.

No, our public cruises only take place on a Sunday for lunch.  Any other day Monday – Saturday we host private functions.

Unfortunately not, we are essentially a private function; the only public cruises we offer take place on a Sunday, and on certain public holidays (which will be mentioned under the ‘Public Cruise’ section of our website.

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