Teambuilding ideas for women

When you work in an all-ladies environment or even in a male and female environment, you might want to just take the ladies out for an all-girls fun day. This will be the perfect opportunity to give your thanks for all the hard work that the ladies did through the year. But what teambuilding ideas for women can you think of that are, as it says, exclusively designed for women?

When you approach a teambuilding company regarding teambuilding ideas for women, you will be surprised though how many creative ideas they can come up with. One would think that ladies would also enjoy the archery, bungee jumping and quad bike riding along with the men but the truth is, although they do enjoy it, there are times when they would just like to get together and relax. This is considered quality time for them and doesn’t necessarily have to include strenuous activities like shopping.

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Teambuilding ideas for women more often than not will include many smaller ideas combined together to make for one fabulous ladies-day. Remember that before any teambuilding day for ladies, it should be started with a glass of champagne to make the ladies relaxed and ready for the get-together. We have put together a few wonderful teambuilding ideas for women that they will be sure to enjoy, remember and thank you for by their improved performance through the coming year:

  • Absolutely every woman loves gifts and treats in all other ways which makes a day filled with special surprises and give a way’s one of the best teambuilding ideas for women ever. Gifts filled with small but special items like bath products, manicure sets, hair products and makeup will be perfect for the ladies.
  • Women work (and play) together in teams much better than men due to a man’s natural competitive instinct, so for a group of women to sit on the edge of the water while sipping drinks will go down much better than with men. In fact, they could make a whole day of it..
  • One of the best teambuilding ideas for women is to have picnic baskets packed and laid out on comfy blankets all around the water’s edge. Fill them with delectable goodies from sweet to savoury. They will be so thankful for not having to have made them, it will taste so much better.
  • Remember that women prefer to eat more quality than quantity, so make sure you prepare special once-a-year picnic baskets for them. Follow with back, neck and shoulder massages on the deck of a specially decorated houseboat floating on the Vaal River. These will be seen by the ladies as one of the best teambuilding ideas for women ever.

As you can see from above, getting all the ladies from your office together and enjoying a day filled with decadence as with these teambuilding ideas for women is as much of a teambuilding day when compared to one filled with adrenaline.

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